Poems by Nicole Horgan


Jesus is just a Prayer away

Posted by nicole on February 23, 2011 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (0)

You are never alone, just gotta look up to the sky, say a little prayer, He is always there to listen to what you have to say.

You are never alone, when your whole world seems as though it is all falling down and breaking apart into pieces, just close your eyes, say the words that are tugging at your heart, and pray and pray, to our Lord!

He is always there to listen, he'll never pass you by.

He is always just a prayer away.

When in the darkest of times, when nothing feels like it is going right, or even when everything is in all the right places, Thank the Lord, ohh Jesus and Pray to him.

Just open up your hearts, let him in,  and pray to him!

Tell him all your secrets, lay them all out, get them off your chest because he already knowns them all, so don't be afraid to show a little emotion when praying to the Lord.

Pour your heart out to him becasue he'll listen to all there is to say, he won't turn away, so come on and Pray!

Learn to love our Lord, becasue he'll never leave your side, never let you down, never give up hope on you, and he will Never stop loving you!

Some times you may have to look, you may have to search for the answers may not always be just as simple as right infront of your face.

Jesus is just a prayer away!

You are never alone, even when you are in the middle of the dark woods, just you by yourself, just go ahead and look up to the night sky, for you are never really alone.

Jesus is always there!

Jesus is always there!

Special Angel

Posted by nicole on January 22, 2011 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Learning that I have an Angel watching over me.

Someone that I don't even know has been with me all along.

Sing alond and praise the Heavenly Father!

Thank you for blessing me with an Angel to guide me though this life of mine.

An Angel I've never known of loves me, and has always loved me even when I didn't even know that I had an Angel with me.

I love this Angel of mine!

Sing aloud and praise our Heavenly Father since we are all blessed with our very own special Angel.

A Gaurdian Angel isn't just a saying, but a Guardian Angel is an actual Angel that we all have, giudeing us, staying with us, never leaving us becasue this is our very own Special Angel!

Even in the darkest of the hours, even in the hardest of times, and even when the sin gets too hard to bare, This wonderful Angel of mine will be here to guide me back onto a straight path again, guiding me back into the light. 

Whenever you close your eyes, listen to you heart and you will find, feel and hear every little thing that the Messanger of God is really saying to you through your heart.

Listen carefully

And believe with all your heart

Don't second guess

But trust in the Lord

That this little voice

is trulely the Messanger of God!

Sing Aloud and Praise the Heavenly Father for each and everyone of us was blessed with our own Special Angel, from the very begining to the very end of time and beyond this Special Angel is all ours from our Heavenly Father's Arms, we all have a Speical Angel!

So sing aloud a Praise our Heavenly Father because he blessed us all with our very own Special Angel to watch over each and every one of us.

Thank you Father!

Because of God

Posted by nicole on December 9, 2010 at 4:08 PM Comments comments (0)

Because of God

Mom- A mother was blessed with a daughter

Nicole- And a daughter was blessed with that mother.

Because of God

A mother will soon bore a son to be placed in a chair.

Because of God

A sister will soon appear to bare the heavy burden with her mother, of her brother.

Because of God

A mother and her daughter will soon be brought together from all of the troubles, soon to tumble as this family seizes to crumble.

Because of God

A mother with a son, and a dughter with a brother, you knew we could no longer bare to see him suffer.

Because of God

He was brought back home to be with his one true father once again, no more pain, nor suffering for him anymore.

Because of God

A mother’s best friend quickly became her daughter, for she’s the one to help her through the pain and suffering, to lean on, and to always have someone by her side when everything and everybody else seems to subside.

And a daughter’s best friend quickly became her mother, for her mother is her saving grace, through this heavy burden they were both chosen to carry, brought them together, closer then ever.

Because of God

We were all blessed with eachother.

Because of You

Because of YOU, GOD!

This disease

Posted by nicole on October 6, 2010 at 5:21 PM Comments comments (0)

You had soo much to offer,

You had soo much ot give,

but you were the one who had to go and leave us all like this.

You are the one who had no chance in this muscle wasteing disease.

You had no say, no say at all.

We all knew that, that one day wouldn't be soo far away.

This disease you were unable to fight any longer.

This disease took you life away at only 19 years of age!

You lost this painful battle too soon, but one things forsure that you left this battlefield a warrrior, fighting for our Lord.

You held on tight, even when all your strenght had vanished away.

You fought and you fought but that one day had to come, where you could no longer hold on and fight any longer.

This disease took your life away!

For you are now disease free on the peaceful valleys of Heaven up above.

An angel beside me

Posted by nicole on July 28, 2010 at 11:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Passed the clouds, through thoses gates, from the Heavens' up above there is an angel there watching over me!

There is an angel making sure that everything is ohkay.

There is an angel gudeing me through this life.

There is an angel helping me all along the way.

This angel is God sent to be beside me.

This angel will not leave me, for he is here to stay.

Even though my eyes can not see him, and my ears are unable to hear him, I know deep in my heart there is an angel here beside me.

There is an angel walking with me across these dangerous paths of life.

This angel is holding my hand, he won't let me fall, he won't let me go.

This angle is in Heaven, he is up above the clouds.

This angel is putting my life together, like the pieces to a puzzle.

This angel is God sent and he is right beside me right now.


Eternity with eachother!

Posted by nicole on July 12, 2010 at 10:34 PM Comments comments (0)

I dream of a day where i'll get to be with you again!

See you standing there, in the light, waiting for me.

Hold my hand, hold me close, don't let me go!

I love you, my brother!!!!!

I stay dreaming of that day where me and my brother will reunite with eachother, forever!

Just stay with me. Wait for me!

Be there on that one day where i'll walk into the light, through thoses gates of Heaven and unto my brother and our one true father!

Stay with me, for eternity, in happiness and peace!

Eternity with eachother, without pain nor suffering, in Heaven!

Beyond thoses gates of Heaven is eternal life with eachother!!

Just wait for me, my brother, wait for my day where i'll come home to you, to stay!!

The Impossible Place

Posted by nicole on May 26, 2010 at 9:27 AM Comments comments (0)

                           I no longer have to worry!

                   for you are in a safe place now.

            No more worring for me about you anymore.

                    for you are up in Heaven now,

                         safer then ever before!

You are in that safe place now, waiting for me and all of us to rejoin you once again.

You are happy, having fun, doing all things you weren't able to do here, you can now do them there.

There is soo much more then you can even imagine that is up there threw thoses gates of Heaven.

                    for you are now able to do the impossible!

You earned your way threw thoses gates, into your father's arms again.

         For the Impossible is now Possible to you!

your able to hear the voices rejoiceing, the helpless crys' sounding like a Halliluah, the bells ringing for another Angel has earned their wings!

             Your able to do and listen to the Impossible!

        Everything impossible you are now able to acomplish.

            Things we can't even imagine, you are now doing!

For they were once all impossible to you to, but you earned your way threw the gates into the Impossible!

            For you are now a witness of the Impossible Place!!

Just one Simple Soul

Posted by nicole on May 25, 2010 at 5:06 PM Comments comments (0)

                   I'm just another simple soul!

                      nothing ohh soo special,

                    and no one ohh soo great.

but yet you led your only son to the cross, for me and all my sins.

  You watched as his blood dripped, as his life faded away.

             For just one one simple soul, like me!

          You let your son die on that cross for me!

     He was nailed and hung there to pay for all my sins,

                      For just one simple soul!

You led your son to the cross, you watched him be nailed and hung upon that cross, for all the sins of just one simple soul!

    How important and great can just one simple soul be?

For you let your son die on that cross, on that day for me, just one simple soul.

                          I thank you, my Lord!!

                 for you saved me from the evil one!

        for you gave your only son to pay for all my sins!

    Thank you, for this one simple soul has now been saved

             because of you and your son Jesus Christ!!

In our Heavenly Home

Posted by nicole on May 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

   There are streets made of gold waiting for us to walk apon.

There is a manshion personally made for each and everyone of us.                  In our Heavenly home!

                    There are flowers that never die,

                   you pick one, another one comes.

          because our Heavenly home will be for eternity!

Our Heavenly home is The only place where you are able to walk upon clouds, jumping, running, and never falling!

                          In our Heavenly home!

                Our family is up there waiting for us,

                             watching over us,

       and loving us more and more each and everyday!

                       In our Heavenly home!

                      Our father is waiting for us

                          to welcome us home,

                   waiting with arms opened wide!

  Everything is there waiting for us in our Heavenly home!

                    That we will one day be apart of

When we walk threw thoses big, white gates of Heaven

and return to our Heavenly home, return into our fathers arms once again for eternity!!

The only one

Posted by nicole on May 19, 2010 at 6:07 PM Comments comments (0)

       There are the weary and then there the brave.

                  There is the shy and timid,

           and then there are the loud and free!

             and you love them All the Same!!

   When they leave your side, you never give up hope

         that one day their be back into your arms!

       You're the one who believes in all living things,

            believes we can all make a difference,

          no matter the size,

            no matter the sound of the voice,

              no matter the kind of creature they may be,

                  You will always believe!

      That we may all be back into your arms one day,

                you will never give up hope,

   never back away from one who backs away from you,

           you'll always keep your heart wide open

                  for someone new to love.

         For you're the one no one else could be!!

   You're the only Lord who brightens up all of our days,

                 The only father to us All,

    The only Savior whos able to save us all from evil,

           You're the only God worthy of it all!!!!

An Angel, God sent from Heaven

Posted by nicole on May 6, 2010 at 4:38 PM Comments comments (0)

There is an Angle, God sent from Heaven

sent to be beside us to show us all her grace!

To show us all her amazment, and all of her unbelieve gifts, and show us all of her remarkable talents!

There is an Angel, God sent from Heaven to show us all the way.

Nice and Kind, and filled with sooo much grace!

She is an Angel, God sent from Heaven,

she is to teach us all of the wonders there are to find in Heaven, one day!

When it's our time, we will be ready to walk into the light, to walk right into our Father's arms!

There is an Angel, God sent from Heaven to show me all her ways!!

Some Day

Posted by nicole on May 1, 2010 at 10:19 PM Comments comments (0)

We all dream of becoming Angels, living in Heaven, being with our Father some day!

Some day we will be able to walk on streets of gold, living in paradise.

Being with all the ones we love, for eternity!!

Some day it'll all be possible, it'll all be real!

Some day we will all be together, Some day!

Forever and ever, we won't ever have to leave.

We will be in paradise,

            no more sadness, no more madness.

         Just loving and caring, happiness all the time!

                There will be no more sorrow.

          There will be no more anger or pain.

Tradgetities will never come apon any of us ever again, for Heaven will be perfect!!

Some day we will all be Angels in Heaven with our Father, Some day!!!!


You made it possible

Posted by nicole on April 19, 2010 at 3:41 PM Comments comments (0)

I was in a world of darkness

and that's where I thought I was going to stay.

Until God showed me another way!

Until God showed me the light, made it possible for me to see.

I was in a cold, dark place, I had no idea that there was another way, he made that other path possible for me.

And made it possible for me to walk onto it, and then walk across it!

it's all because of you, my Savoir

Your the reason i'm no longer in the darkness

Done by you, Lord

Posted by nicole on April 19, 2010 at 3:29 PM Comments comments (0)

I able to love life becasue now I have my Lord in my life!

now i'm able to look at the trees and love them instead of just glanceing right passed them.

i'm able to look at a human and not judge them becasue if I judge them i'm judgeing you, my Lord.

i'm able to just stare at a drawling and know that there's a story behind it, instead of thinking it's just a drawling.

Everything is soo clear to me now, Lord!

Now I have you in my life Everything means soo much more!!!

because it's done by you, Lord!

My Baptism Speech___4/11/10

Posted by nicole on April 11, 2010 at 5:03 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear My God:

Thank you, for you have saved me from the darkness.

When it was dark and i was afraid you were always there,

for I truly know that you were and have always been here.

You are my one, true Savior!

Thank you Lord, for letting me be able to see the light again,

Thanks to you My Lord, i'm walking in a bright, light everyday.

I know that you are there with every step I take and every thought i think,

You are guideing me threw the day!

and i'd like to thank you, for I am finally able to say "I Love You, Lord!"

I've opened up my heart to you, for I know your never leave me, your never let me down. I LOVE YOU, LORD!!!

for you are my Savior, for you have saved me!

-On this day I will be reborn for you, and for all the days to follow, I will walk and breath for you, Lord

For you are me Father!

-And one day I will be with you again in Paradise, walking on streets of gold.

-For you have already called on my brother,

I know he is iun good hands.

I truly know that he is with you, Lord

He is with his one, true Father once again.

For there is another Angel in Heaven!!

For he is with his Father, happy and finally walking

For he is Wheelchair FREE!!!

-So thank you, Lord, for you have taken care of me and you have Blessed me with a heart of gold!

Thank you Lord, for you have given me the strength and the courage to be reborn once again, for you Lord!

       I love you, for you are My God, My Lord, My Father, and you are my Savior!